ASK4JOB takes inspiration from the Recommendation “A new skills agenda for Europe” (COM 2016 – 381
Final) which urges to up-skill and re-skill the European labour force with digital skills, in order to keep it
productive in the jobs and support adults to acquire a minimum level of key competences and/or acquire a
broader set of skills necessary to progress towards an upper secondary qualification or equivalent.


T: +39 0669320850

E: erifo@erifo.it


The project brings together 9 partner Countries and 11 Organisations. The different types of partners have been purposively decided to ensure as much adherence as possible to the projects objectives and to guarantee their effective achievement.


Adult education providers, private employment services, public bodies in labour and adult-education field, chamber of commerce, university, foundation and private actors were all identified as strategic types of partner for the project purposes.

E.RI.FO.-Ente Di Ricerca e Formazione

Country: Italy

Website: www.erifo.it

Contact person: Andrea Ranelletti

E-mail: erifoproject@gmail.com




Instalofi Levante SL

Country: Spain

Website: www.fygconsultores.com

Contact person: Fabián Gómez Gutiérrez

E-mail: info@fygconsultores.com



Turgutlu Kaymakamligi

Country: Turkey

Website: http://www.turgutlu.gov.tr

Contact person: Sebnem Duran

E-mail: euprojectsoffice@yahoo.com




Best Cybernetics Single Member 

Private Company

Country: Greece

Website: www.bestcybernetics.com

Contact person: Nicole Georgogianni

E-mail: info@bestcybernetics.com





Country: Sweden

Website: www.foxpopuli.org

Contact person: Jacob Kobus

E-mail: jacobkobus@yahoo.com




Vilnius Gabriele Petkevicaite-Bite

Adult Education Center

Country: Lithuania

Website: www.gpbite.eu

Contact person: Kristina Martinavičiutė

E-mail: rastine@bitescentras.vilnius.lm.lt




Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Lodzi

Country: Poland

Website: www.ahe.lodz.pl

Contact person: Ewa Szczawińska

E-mail: project@ahe.lodz.pl




Directorate of Secondary Education, Chania

Country: Greece

Website: http://dide.chan.sch.gr

Contact person: Chara Xanthaki

E-mail: europrogchan@sch.gr




Institute For Private Enterprise and Democracy Foundation 

Country: Poland

Website: www.iped.pl

Contact person: Paulina Bednarz

E-mail: mbak@kig.pl




Business Foundation for Education

Country: Bulgaria

Website: www.fbo.bg

Contact person: Nadezhda Paunova

E-mail: grakovska@fbo.bg




All Digital

Country: Belgium

Website: http://all-digital.org/

Contact person: Peter Palvogyi

E-mail: info@all-digital.org